Transition day: getting ready with vas for the “Turning step” from Pre 3 to Grade 1


Entering first grade is a significant transition for children and their families because it marks the transition from the main activity of Preschool age, "learning through play," to Primary school learning activities.

Recognizing that, in March 2023, VAS organised TRANSITION DAY: PRE 3 TO GRADE 1 at six VAS campuses in order to assist parents in carefully preparing their children for this first-grade transition, as well as assist them in entering Grade 1 boldly, confidently, and quickly assimilating into the new environment and learning methods.

At the festival, the Pre 3 students were warmly welcomed by the 1st graders and participated in real learning activities right in the classroom. Parents and children, in particular, could observe and participate in a portion of the Cambridge programme's first-grade lesson.

The event also provided an opportunity for the Academic Team to inform parents and students about Cambridge International Learning Pathways that meet the diverse needs and preferences of students and families beginning of Primary school at VAS. Furthermore, the school introduced the NEW Cambridge English Learning Pathway, which will be officially launched in the Academic Year 2023-2024 with a tuition fee of only 123 million VND/year (equivalent to 13 million VND/month), with the goal of meeting the needs of an increasing number of Vietnamese families who want their children to have a solid start in both knowledge and English skills from a young age in a quality international learning environment.

In addition, many other interesting activities are held at the Festival to provide an enjoyable experience for all parents and students who attend:

• Visiting the facility system, classrooms, and engaging in experiential activities at the Music room, Drawing room, and library...

• Participating fun games like sand painting, calligraphy, and archery...

• Entering the lucky draw to win special gifts, as well as many other discounts on tuition fees at the Festival.

VAS hopes that the Transition Day from Pre 3 to Grade 1 will provide students with the opportunity to learn and experience a new learning environment, allowing them to become more familiar and gradually brave, confident, and prepared to enter Grade 1 in the upcoming school year 2023-2024.