Transition Day – Grade 5 to grade 6: designed to help students be confident and quickly adapt to Secondary School


Transition Day – Grade 5 to Grade 6, which was organized by VAS on 8-9 April with enjoyable and fruitful activities, has attracted the participation of a large number of students and parents. The event has contributed to equipping students to be confident and able to adapt to a new learning environment in Secondary School.

Attending in actual lessons of a 6th-grade student was one of the main activities that made students most curious and excited. In Science class, with teacher’s assistance, students quickly caught up and started to perform their very first experiments.

In a Physical Education class, students followed foreign teacher's instructions precisely. They worked well with their classmates and easily achieved the learning objectives.

In addition to the compulsory academic subjects, Secondary students at VAS can also decide to study an optional third language that they like. During the Transition Day, engaging in Japanese class was also one of grade 5 students’ favorite experiences.

Besides, the Information and Technology and cooking classes not only helped students visualize what they are going to encounter in these new subjects but also offered them a chance to visit the functional classrooms and modern facilities at VAS.

Especially, grade 5 students also had an opportunity to work with 6th-grade VASers through activities in arts and crafts. After getting to know each other and listening to 6th graders’ sharing, the grade 5 students became more assured to work with these ‘upper graders’ to complete the creative housing and street models.

VAS hopes that the Transition Day – Grade 5 to grade 6 has helped students a better preparation for their upcoming studying journey as well as provided their parents with detailed information about future learning orientation in Cambridge programmes based on their expectations.

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