Transition Day from Kindergarten to Grade 1: Prepare students for their first important turning point in life


In order to support Kindergarten Moon students to be well-prepared for their transition, a significant and challenging turning point for both children and families, VAS organized the Transition Day, from Kindergarten Moon to Grade 1, with interesting, fruitful activities for its students which attracted the attention of many parents.

After the welcoming and warm-up sessions, students had a full day to experience the real learning environment and involve in lessons and activities for grade 1 of the MOET and Cambridge programmes with local and expat teachers at VAS.

While the students were attending the sample classes, parents had an opportunity to observe the whole classroom atmosphere and student’s involvement in actual activities with VAS teachers.

The students were very interested in activities facilitated by Cambridge teachers, actively participated in discussions in Vietnamese teachers’ lessons, and everyone got thrilled to explore the keyboard keys in Music class.

Besides, the children had chances to work with Grade-1 students at VAS through fun movement games. The engagement and interaction with first graders will help children feel more confident and get ready for their grade 1 in the coming new academic year.

Students positively showed their interest till the end of the transition day. They attentively listened to the teachers introducing about the modern facilities of the school such as swimming pools, libraries, halls, football fields…

In addition to the experiencing activities for Kindergarten students at the Transition Day, parents were also consulted in detail and adequately about the Cambridge programme’s study pathways so that they can make suitable choices for their children, basing on their learning capacity and future orientation of students and families right from the primary level.

VAS hopes that the Transition Day from Kindergarten Moon to Grade 1 has brought a lot of joys to parents and children and contributed to arousing children's excitement and confidence to prepare them for entering the first academic year of Primary school.

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