Think Green - Live Green with VAS GREEN DAY 2019


In accordance to the Green Year plan implemented from the 2019-2020 school year, GREEN DAY project has started to be implemented at all VAS’s campuses, taking place on the 1st and the 15th of every month, starting from Oct 15th, 2019. The activities of Green Day aim to encourage VAS community to be aware of their actions in daily activities, thereby forming good habits to protect the environment.

Accordingly, on the Green Day, VAS encourage the school canteen to reduce meat in the breakfast and lunch menu, especially beef, to limit the amount of metan (CH4), which is about 30 times more harmful than CO2 released into the atmosphere by animals; as well as the environmental harms caused by beef farming and meat production. Instead, the dishes will be altered with healthy plants that still provide sufficient nutrition for students.

Teachers will also integrate environmental issues into the courses in class to remind students to live green, as well as motivating them to regularly reduce waste, increase recycling and plant more trees.

At the same time, to spread the message and strengthen the green spirit, VAS encourage each students, teachers and staff to wear Green Day T-shirts and create a Green Community, where the Green Warriors express their love for nature and their responsibility for the environmental issues. 

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