Beautiful images honoring teachers on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day at VAS


Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11 is not only an occasion for students to appreciate teachers’ effort and dedication but also a festive day for teachers and students to enjoy together and create meaningful memories at VAS, our dear school.

Please follow the photo report below to feel the bold and joyful atmosphere of this special day at VAS campuses!

In addition to the appreciation gifts which are wishes, handwritten cards or bouquet of lovely flowers, students from Sunrise campus also presented impressive performances which were meticulously prepared to the teachers.

The moments the students walked onto the stage to give flowers to the teachers, who have always taken care of them and taught them for a long time, were the most touching and memorable on the Teachers’ Day celebration at Sala campus.

The primary VASers in Phan Xich Long campus expressed their gratitude to their teachers through exciting and adorable performances.

Hoang Van Thu campus chose an outdoor venue to hold this appreciation ceremony on which both teachers and students worked together to produce amazing performances. With the fun tug of war game and in the cheerful laughter, the teachers seemed to be able to return to their best school days.

VASers in Riverside campus has been diligently preparing and decorating sweet cards to express their gratitude to teachers.

The painting contest “Teacher in my heart” was one of activities to celebrate Teachers’ Day celebration at Garden Hills campus. The contest was a chance for students not only to show their artistic abilities, but also to convey their affection for the teachers through each and every stroke.

Instead of fresh and appealing roses, at Ba Thang Hai campus, the teachers received small cactus pots decorated by the students’ hands. The most remarkable part was the dance performed by the teachers who look very strict but now become so intimate.

Not only on Teachers’ Day but everywhere and every time, VAS students always show their love and gratitude to their teachers through good grades, nice words and beautiful gestures. VAS hopes that all teachers, students, parents and staff have experienced a meaningful Teachers’ Day. Wishing all valued teachers health, happiness and success in your noble and respectful teaching profession.

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