Technology talents shine at the 10th VAS Robocon competition for Primary


Taking place at Garden Hills Mega campus, the 10th Robocon competition school year 2022-2023 continues to be the favourite technology playground of VASers, which ignites a passion for science and helps students apply basic knowledge of ICT, programming, and logical thinking in creating and operating robots.

At the beginnig of April 2023, the Final Round was held with great enthusiasm and excitement with 50 students in grades 4-5 from all 07 VAS campuses participating. Under the supervision of ICT teachers, with the theme "Keep the Earth Green - Make the Earth Clean", the VAS "little engineers" self-conceived, designed, adjusted, and attempted to operate a robot.

The students succeeded in overcoming the challenges by expertly controlling their robot through a variety of terrain to complete the task. The first competition, "Keep the Earth Green," was held at the swimming pool, with the challenge of controlling the robot underwater while entering the maze to retrieve the requested object.

The second part of the competition took place at the Sports Hall and was titled "Make the Earth Clean." The robots were tasked with entering a complex maze and successfully navigating obstacles such as sand and gravel to retrieve the object.

The 10th Robocon Contest has determined the winners after exciting and fierce competitions among Primary school students who are passionate about science and technology. The overall First Prize went to the young talents from the Ba Thang Hai campus! The other campuses also had impressive performances!

The Robocon Competition for students in Grades 4 and 5 at VAS is a playground where students can use their knowledge and creativity in technology and mechanics to assemble, perfect, and control robots to solve environmental problems.

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