Nourish Love And Community Responsibility For Students From Little Things


To become global citizens, VAS students are equipped with not only foundational knowledge and life skills but also love and responsibility to the community 


VAS students plant trees in Can Gio Mangrove Forest after the tree-raising running competition “Green Day Run”

The way VAS teaches students to love and be responsible for the community

Vietnam Australia Schools (VAS) in memory of people is a bilingual international school with a long history of 18 years, the largest scale in Ho Chi Minh City with 7 campuses and 7,500 students, and an impressive number of achievements and scholarships in Vietnamese and international exams. Moreover, VAS is also highly regarded by its students and parents as a special school where many generations of students have been nurtured and cultivated the qualities of future global citizens.

Deeply aware of corporate social responsibility, particularly the responsibility of an educational corporate in "growing people", VAS constantly strives to build a humane environment where students are inspired about life values and love for the community through practical actions.

For many years, VAS has persistently organized community-oriented activities and pursued the philosophy of sustainable development. Many programmes are organized by the school; however, it is the students who propose the ideas and implement them. Therefore, the activities are also a creative learning environment that helps students to put their knowledge into practice to contribute value to the community.

In the "VAS Community" programme, students have to plan, make a project proposal by themselves and present it to the Council to raise funds. After six years of organization, the program has attracted more than 200 participating projects, 30 projects have been funded with a total value of VND645 million.

In particular, the project "Enlightenment of knowledge" has been operating for five years and has won many awards. The project has awarded more than 600 solar lights assembled by VAS students to children in the highlands, planted more than 1,000 trees in localities to green bare hills and create livelihoods for local people; encourage reuse of books and stories to reduce deforestation...

In 2021, the project was awarded the first prize in the "Community" category in the "Green Innovation" contest organized by the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA); was one of 50 excellent projects receiving the certificate of merit from the Vietnam Youth Federation. Recently, the project was certified as one of the 30 best projects nationwide in 2022 and entered the final round of the "Green Youth Labs" programme that funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and implemented by the Vietnam Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).

VAS students raised funds and assembled solar lights for highland children.

Nurture the green generation

In addition to community projects, VAS also implements many environmental activities to build a "green school" and nurture the "green generations" - the generation of global citizens with a green lifestyle and a sense of environmental and social responsibility.

Recently, the "VAS Green Day Run" fundraiser was successfully held by the school for the second time with the goal of raising funds to plant trees in Can Gio Mangrove Forest, which is known as the "green lung" of HCMC and the surrounding areas, a mangrove biosphere reserve of the world.

“VAS Green Day Run” donated more than 5,500 trees, contributing to the protection of Can Gio forest over two seasons

Caring for the environment does not have to be doing great things but can start from very small actions by each individual. That is also the spirit that VAS wants to convey to all its students and employees. The 3Rs project - a project to encourage students to change daily habits to reduce waste, increase recycling and reuse - has strongly promoted this message.

A corner displaying recycled products made by VAS students when participating in the 3Rs project to spread the spirit of "green living" to the community.

With a creative mindset and can-do attitude, VAS students have brought several positive changes to the environment and community, supported thousands of disadvantaged people, shared and given wings to the dreams of many children across the country.

VAS is honored to become the only educational organization in Vietnam to be recognized as one of the outstanding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practitioners by the Saigon Times CSR program for two consecutive years.

Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) was established in 2004, is a prestigious international bilingual school system in HCMC with 18 years of experience in teaching the Cambridge International Education Programme and the National Education Programme of Vietnam.

VAS offers three learning paths with a harmonious combination of both educational programs for all levels from preschool to 12th grade. All the seven VAS campuses are certified as members of the system. Cambridge international schools are assessed and evaluated annually by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).


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