The Finals of VAS Olympic 2021: Winnings of sportsmanship


After more than half a month of fierce competition in the elimination round from October 19 to 30, 2020, 885 best athletes (individuals and teams) officially overcame other competitors and entered the Finals of VAS Olympic 2021 which took place on January 23, 2021 at Sala Mega campus.


Back in this school year, VAS Olympic 2021 welcomed more than 2,100 athletes; in which 885 athletes (individuals and teams) have successfully passed the qualifying round and entered the final round with 6 exciting competitions:

  • Mini Football - Pre 2 - Grade 11
  • Chess (Individual / Giant Chess Board / Human Chess) - Grade 3 - 9
  • Basketball - Grade 6 - 11
  • Swimming - Grade 3 - 11
  • Athletics - Pre 2 - Grade 11
  • Cheer Leading/ Cheer Dance/ Flashmob - Preschool / Primary / Secondary

At the Finals of VAS Olympic 2021, young athletes have dedicated themselves to an unforgettable season with exciting competitions, burning moments with sports, the joys and pride of winning with true sportsmanship: passion, effort, and fairness.

After 180 minutes of exciting and highly competitive competition, the final victory belonged to Garden Hills - Phan Xich Long cluster with 23 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 16 bronze medals. Besides, VAS also rewarded and praised excellent individuals and teams in each competition category.

In addition to the official competition categories for athletes, more than 1,000 spectators and fans also had the opportunity to challenge themselves, have fun, improve physical strength and connect at the Finals of VAS Olympic 2021 with many interesting games: Giant walking, Throwing balls, Crossing obstacles ...

VAS Olympic is an annual professional sports event initiated and organized by VAS since 2015 to help students from Kindergarten to Secondary foster, show their talents and sportsmanship, and become familiar with the standards of international competitions.

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