Overseas Summer Camp - An opportunity for your child to experience international’s student life and explore the world


Summer camp has become an essential part of most students' "awesome things to do before summer ends" list. Because of its exclusive benefits, "overseas summer camp" has become a popular buzzword for both parents and students this year.

Học sinh trải nghiệm trại hè tại Úc. Hình VAS

Students in a summer camps in Australia. Photo: VAS

2 weeks of experiencing international student’s life and "travel the world with friends"

In addition to fulfill the passion of traveling with close friends, summer is a golden time for future global citizens to cultivate the indispensable "skill sets" of the twenty-first century, such as survival skills, social skills, integration skills... while enriching their life by gaining knowledge and experiences outside of the classroom.

An international summer camp, a type of short-term study abroad and combines travel, exploration, and self-development, is the best option for meeting all these requirements. Summer camps include domestic and international trips that usually organized by prominent international schools, with many years of experience being the most trusted aspects by parents and kids.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huong, a parent who has recently registered her child for this year's VAS Summer Camp's 2-week overseas trip in the United States, shared: "My child's first overseas summer trip was a trip to Japan which was also held in the Summer Camp of VAS. Since it would be the first time my child had to be away from home without his parents by his side, I was quite nervous. However, coming back from the trip, he surprisingly became much more mature. He was more independent, more caring, more responsible, and especially more confidently when communicating in English. The trip was indeed worthwhile.”

Học sinh trải nghiệm cuộc sống sinh viên, tìm hiểu môi trường học tập tập tại các trường đại học nhóm G8 và khám phá những kỳ quan thiên nhiên nổi tiếng tại Úc. Hình VAS.

Students visit Yakult factory in an overseas trip in Australia. Photo: VAS

Học sinh trải nghiệm môi trường học tập tại trường đại học Deakin trong chương trình du học hè tại Australia của VAS.

Students experience international student life and discover study environment at Deakin university in Australia.

According to Ms. Do Thi Minh Chau - Chief Central School Service Officer of the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), a unit with nearly 20 years of experience in organizing unique summer camp programmes for children of all ages, VAS organizes 3 abroad summer trips this year in Singapore - Malaysia, USA, Australia, creating opportunities for students to experience and explore the world's top "study abroad destinations.

"In 1-2 weeks living in the dormitory, taking English and skill classes at the world's leading universities, students have chance to learn about the country, culture, people, and the universities where they want to enroll in the future, from which they can choose and make their own study plan that serves with their own needs.”, said Ms. Chau.

VAS Summer Camp 2023 – The journey of discovery and creating valuable childhood memories 

Ms. Chau also said: "For children, trips with friends, whether for a day or a week, are wonderful experiences that will become their priceless memories. This is also what students love and look forward to the most at the VAS summer camp every year”.

In fact, a survey of over 2000 VAS Summer Camp’s students conducted over two years showed that most students viewed the field trips in the programme as worthwhile outings and unforgettable memories in their student life. Many of them said they felt more mature, independent, and confident in decision-making and taking responsibility, developing various skills, and making close friendships. Most of them are looking forward to continuing their summer camp next year.

Chương trình dã ngoại trong nước và quốc tế là điều được học sinh yêu thích và mong chờ nhất tại trại hè VAS mỗi năm.

Every year, children at the VAS summer camp look forward to the domestic and foreign field trips.

Choosing summer camps that tailored to a specific need and each age group

According to the VAS representative, at VAS summer camp, students in all grades have the chance to engage in a customized field trip programme, allowing each child to enjoy the summer in his or her own unique way.

For example, in VAS Summer Camp 2023, preschool and primary school students can participate in three half-day and one-day field trips to major entertainment, cultural, and art places in Ho Chi Minh City. Through practical activities, children discover themselves, the environment, and the world around them while building life skills and practicing independence.

In addition to day trips, children in grades 5 and above will engage in a 4 day/3 night teambuilding camp including "Into the wood” camp in Ta Lai or a "Sea Ecological Conservation Summer Camp" in Phu Quoc. Furthermore, students can select one of three study abroad trips to Singapore - Malaysia, the United States, and Australia.

Chương trình dã ngoại phù hợp lứa tuổi giúp trẻ tự tin khám phá bản thân và thế giới xung quanh, phát triển kỹ năng và rèn luyện tính tự lập.

Suitable field trips let children explore themselves and their surroundings via practical experiences, allowing them to acquire skills and enhance independence.

Ms. Sen, a mother of two children in grade 1 and grade 3 at VAS, after sending her children to VAS Summer Camp for the first time, shared that she was worried at first, but her children were very happy after participating in the camp. Every week, the school has interesting extra-curricular programmes, such as going to the farm, buying books, and visiting bookstores, going to amusement parks, or joining a variety of fairs and fun games at the campus.

“In addition to improving English skills, my children also have practical experience and learned many skills that in my opinion are all very valuable. I feel very happy, so this year, I will continue to register my 2-year-old child to attend VAS Summer Camp," said Sen.


VAS Summer Camp takes place over 6 weeks with more than 65% of activities delivered in English and loads of fun activities, experiences and excursions.

Receive 10% discount on summer course fees and 5 million VND discount on study abroad trip fees when registering before April 25, 2023.

Details at: www.vas.edu.vn/summercamps

For advice and visiting VAS campuses, parents can contact the hotline: 0911 26 77 55