Unforgetable field trip connecting to nature at Ho Coc – Binh Chau of grade 6 & 7 students


With the purpose of helping students have real-world experiences, improving their collective living skills, building up teamwork spirit, respect and increasing confidence throughout the trip, this February, Grade 6 and 7 VASers had a meaningful three – day and two - night trip to Ho Coc – Binh Chau.

VAers in grades 6 and 7 had a lot of fun and exciting time together when participating in countless activities and games in this year's trip:

Exploring Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau, enjoying the hot boiled eggs from the hot spring, and collecting data on endangered animals and plants here.

Participating in TEAMBUILDING “Into the wild” to receive 1 pass sticker for each station and receiving a trophy to participate in arranging Sky lanterns

Completing “Into the forest” gameshow to have a better understand the nature and ecosystems around us and joining a Campfire on Ho Coc beach excitingly.

Visiting Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, meeting with some staff who are doing conservation work all day and night to understand the value of natural heritage in Vietnam.

Trekking with 1.5 km and learning by exploring the pristine and wild nature with bold tropical imprints to collect data for the design of various categories for the Nature Reserve. After collecting data, resources and advice from the Organizing Committee, teams came up with ideas and implemented the product with 1.5 minutes to present and 5 minutes to debate and listen to suggestions from the experts. Next, students had to complete their products for the last time and the Organizing Committee digitized the designs and printed the products into special gifts that VAS students gave to the Nature Reserve.

Enjoying a warm, delicious dinner and shining with the wonderful performances of talented VASers in the Gala dinner "Gathering Night" and receive awards for "Team building" activities.

The experience of arranging and releasing sky lanterns was one of the most impressive activities and enjoyed by the students because they not only completed the last task in the chain of rescue of the deserted island, but also conveyed their dreams and wishes.

The three-day and two-night journey connecting to the sea and forest at Ho Coc has ended, but the laughter and memorable memories still save in the minds of VAS students of grades 6 and 7. The school hopes that with the very meaningful message " A plea for help from the tropics", this year's field trip will help raise awareness of the importance of living in harmony and respecting nature, participating in real activities to develop skills to cope with climate change, build sustainable ecosystems, connect enthusiastic young people to join their hands to protect the Earth.