Children have fun playing and learning at Tiniworld playcenter


Children have fun playing and learning at Tiniworld playcenter

With the aim of helping students apply their knowledge and skills they learnt at school, experience new things and develop physically and intellectually in a dynamic environment, VAS organizes an extracurricular field trip to the Tiniworld playcenter for Kindergarten students so that they can have fun playing and learning.

This year, the little students are still excited to return to Tiniworld where they can do a wild range of activities in a colorful space and a combination of diverse and interesting games such as the indoor playground, the ball house, the kitchen, the car models, the sand area, the jigsaw puzzle...

In addition to doing some physical work, the students, through these games, are expected to have many key skills including good observation and critical thinking skills, dexterity, flexibility and teamwork in order to accomplish the given challenges.

Games stimulate children's development in critical thinking and motor skills

Changing the learning and playing environment also creates the excitement for students, which helps them enrich their experiences, nurture their passions for learning and exploring the new world. And above all, children can learn the patience, harmony, empathy and know how to share toys with their friends. This is a great opportunity for them to practice life skills, show creativity and apply what they learned in their classes.

Hope the little students had a very enjoyable day and memorable memories with their friends. Let's take a look at some interesting activities that they participated in!

Let's do the kitchen with the little homemakers!

Goodbye Tiniworld and see you again soon!

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