VAS offers a new learning pathway with tuition fees only from 123MVND/year


VAS officially introduces the Cambridge English Programme Standard (CEP Standard) with the tuition fees only from 123 million VND/year, serving the massive need of Vietnamese parents and students for a high-quality international educational environment that is suitable for their family’s financial resources.

The new CEP Standard programme is designed by VAS to suit many families’ financial capacity, with tuition fees only from 123 million VND/year, aiming at helping parents plan not only a long-term and secure learning journey for their children, but also the ability to be flexible and agile to the changes of their family's situations as well as their desired pathway transition in future.

With the CEP Standard programme, students will be learning two curriculums at the same time, including the National Education Programme (MOET) and the Cambridge English Programme, which is built based on the framework of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), regulated by Cambridge Language Assessment, University of Cambridge. Furthermore, the CEP Pathway also includes the integration with the Digital Literacy subject from Cambridge formal education programme, which aims at equipping students with essential skills to connect, collaborate, innovate and discover new information in ever-changing and technology driven world of today and the future.

A daily English-speaking environment and several project-based learning activities will promote children’s communicative English skills

In addition to the certifications from the MOET programme which are recognised by all schools in the Vietnamese National Education system, students will have some additional Cambridge English certificates including Flyers, PET and IELTS. These qualifications, together with a harmonious combination of two curriculums and teaching methods that focus on daily English-speaking practice, enable students to develop English proficiency and skills to seize global academic and career opportunities, while upholding their native language and the traditional values of Vietnam.

VAS has nearly 20 years of experience in developing and teaching Cambridge English and bilingual academic programmes with a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, helping students enjoy a quality international education right in Vietnam

In addition to the academic programme, students also have the chance to participate in many extracurricular activities, field trips, career guidance programme and talent competitions of VAS to foster experience and develop behavioral skills, communication skills and confidence

With the addition of the standard CEP pathway to the curriculum, VAS now offers a total of 4 educational pathways that meet every student's learning needs and family's financial planning with nationally and globally recognised qualifications.


From the school year 2023 – 2024, enrollment for the CEP Standard will be open to students of Kindergarten to Grade 6 at the four VAS campuses: Riverside, Sunrise, Ba Thang Hai and Garden Hills with SPECIAL ADMISSION PROMOTION:

- Early bird promotion up to 20 million VND

- Free placement test

- 5% discount on the total annual tuition fees for full school year payment

Find out more about the curriculum and extracurricular activities, field trips, career counseling and talent development programmes of the CEP Standard pathway HERE

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