VAS awarded Scholarship of nearly 1 billion VND to excellent students in the academic year 2018 – 2019


At the Year End Ceremony of the academic year 2018 - 2019, VAS awarded Talent Scholarship with a total value of nearly 1 billion VND to 14 most excellent students from all VAS campuses. The Talent Scholarship is an annual award, which was established in the 2015-2016 school year, to encourage students of their respective ages across all VAS campuses to actively study and engage in extracurricular activities and community projects.

Among of 14 outstanding students are those who have won prestigious awards and achieved high rankings in both academic and talent competitions at national and international levels such as: the First Prize of the American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO), the Bronze medal of the UK Duke of York in the ICT, Silver Prize of Asia-Pacific Arts Festival July 22, 2018 and the Piano Gold Medal of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival, ....

These outstanding academic achievements are the result of students’ endless effort, support and direction from their families and teachers, and the solid foundation of knowledge they have learnt from the international education programmes at VAS.

For enriching talents, VAS students are fostered to maximize their potential in sports, music, painting, literature and cinema activities through many professional playgrounds with the participation of famous experts and artists such as VAS Olympic sports competition, VAS's Got Talent competition, Jingle Contest and other painting, literature and film-making contests... These activities are organized anually at VAS and are the important foundation for students to explore and maximize their potentials, taking their steps further in the journey to conquer their passion.

In addition to the admirable academic and talent activities results, students are also the active and enthusiastic social activists. They have planned and implemented several projects to spread the message ‘the acts of kindness’ to other people such as Community Project, Kindness Corner, ... thereby, they have brought many solutions to improve the quality of living condition to the community.

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