VASers dressed up and tried to start out as little farmers in a field trip to Happy Farm


Starting the new year of 2021, VAS Primary students experienced a day as farmers with exciting and practical activities at Happy Farm.

This is one of the annual field trips which VAS organises for its students to enrich their experiences, practice bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, survival skills and adaptability in a new environment.

Activities such as visiting vegetable garden, studying about Aquaponics model (a form of agriculture that combines raising fish in tanks with soilless plant culture) arouse children’s curiosity, stimulate their discovery and inquiring mind, and facilitate them an ability to observe and analyze problems.

VASers enjoyed the lush green vegetable beds...

...and attentively observed the Aquaponics model which combines raising fish in tanks with soilless plant culture.

In addition, students also learned and experienced the machines used in agricultural production. Accordingly, students showed also a full understanding of the process of growing rice, rice grains and appreciate the laborious effort of the farmers.

Students experienced the machines used in agricultural production

After the brief introduction of agriculture, VASers excitedly conquered the challenges of bodily kinesthetic intelligence such as rowing, monkey bridge crossing, float house, fish catching, river bathing, rain bathing. Through a series of engaging activities, students have chances to do physical activities, enjoy, relax and strengthen the bonds with their friends.

The students skillfully crossed the monkey bridge

The excitement on students’ faces in the rowing activity

The fish catching challenge could not make it difficult for the agile VASers

Conquering the floating house was one of the most anticipated activities

The scene of a rain shower with friends will be a memorable childhood memory for the students

Making glutinous rice cakes, learning how to make the piggy banks, practising moulding the piggy banks and making pinwheels from pandan leaves are considerably useful activities to develop students’ dexterity and ability to observe.

The students meticulously wrapped each cake with the assistance of the supporting staff

The pinwheels made from pandan leaves by VASers

Together they observed how to mould the piggy banks

Through these field trips, VAS expects to facilitate its students to comprehensively develop both physically and mentally, build a solid foundation of knowledge while fostering the necessary virtues so that they will become loving and responsible citizens.

Mr. Daniel Thomas Ryall, Head of Cambridge, Garden Hills and Phan Xich Long cluster, shared: “I think this is a good chance for students to apply and practice what they learned at school. The experiences outside the classrooms not only create chances for them to enjoy and strengthen their friendship but also assist them in developing emotionally as well as socially.”

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