VASers grade 10 and 11 explored Da Lat - land of thousands of flowers


The students in grades 10 and 11 had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the natural landscape, the beauty of the people in Da Lat through a 3 day and 2 night long expedition with the theme of "Dreaming about the Vast and Green Forest”.

Practical experiences through field trips are always emphasized in the VAS programme because the school believes that the trips provide students with opportunities to experience teamwork, respect, and confidence, as well as to improve their community living skills.

The 10th and 11th graders' three-day, two-night trip brought them to Dalat - the land of thousands of flowers. Following the journey through the green pine forests, the students rested at Da Lat Wonder Resort before visiting the children in Lam Dong deaf school on Pasteur Street. It is a place where students can be physically nurtured, their hearing and speech functions restored, and their reading and writing skills strengthened in order to help them communicate and adapt to the community later on.

Afterward, the students continued to explore the Da Lat night market, performing the challenge "Dalat in my eyes" with the assistance of local guides.

Crossing the beautiful Ta Nung pass, VASers continued to visit the tourist area - Café Thuy Thuan, which is known as the largest coffee factory in Southeast Asia today, with unique coffee equipment and production processes on the journey to put Vietnamese coffee beans on the world coffee map.

The children participated in the "Coffee Code" Workshop with experts through three stages of Discovery - Creation - Reaching out at the Coffee Workshop to learn about the value, production process, and taste assessment of coffee beans, as well as the Vietnamese coffee's sustainable development path.

The "Teambuilding" activity is also essential in field trips, with challenges that require teamwork and solidarity, so that the students can capture beautiful moments when they overcome these challenges together.

The journey concluded with a Gathering Night party-themed "Dream of the vast forest." The students exchanged Happy Messages, enjoyed musical performances by VASers, played the Mini GameShow to connect, and sat together to share their feelings about their school days.

VAS hopes all students had a good time together and learned something new!