VASers grades 6-7 and the vibrant journey named “Greetings from the big sea” at Ho Coc, Long Hai


“Explosive”, “exciting”, “amazing” are the feelings of more than 1,300 grade 6-7 VASers after a 3-day- 2-night field trip to Ho Coc, Long Hai. In addition to enjoying the cool beach with the sea breeze, students were also immersed in a series of fantastic and fruitful activities.

Binh Chau hot spring was the first destination in the journey to Long Hai where students can discover and observe the phenomenon of natural hot water through the “Boiling eggs” activities.

After arriving at Seava Ho Tram Beach Resort, VASers embarked on accomplishing the first mission: Producing short videos in Kakatte Koi Yo! Gameshow. This is also an opportunity for them to freely create content using their vivid imagination.

In the first evening, VASers gathered around the campfire on the beach, sang, danced and together they created many beautiful memories.

On the second day at Ho Coc, grade 6-7 students kicked off with intellectual and physical challenges during the “Amazing Race”.

After the race, the students spent time practicing their performances prepared for their Gala Dinner “Campchella”.

In the afternoon, VASers continued to clean and pick up trash on the beach, then conquer the thrilling but joyful relay race.

The final touch was the Gala Dinner – the event that all students were looking forward to the most: Campchella. On the stage, VASers shined and exploded with stunning performances staged and performed by themselves.

The journey “Greetings from the big sea” at Long Hai has ended, but deep in the students’ memories, there will always be the memorable moments with their teachers and friends.

As for VASers, to travel is to learn, to connect, to conquer and to feel. The knowledge and experience that were equipped through these trips not only enrich their understanding but also help them become kind and responsible citizens in the future.


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