VASers spread the atmosphere of Vietnamese Traditional New Year to friends in the world


VASers spread the atmosphere of Vietnamese Traditional New Year to friends in the world

On December 16th, VASers of Cambridge International Program (CIP), Ba Thang Hai campus, experienced a lesson with a group of Asian students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan through Connecting Classrooms programme. The lesson is for students at VAS to spread the culture of Vietnamese Traditional New Year to friends in other countries.a

Students and teachers are preparing for the lesson of the connecting classrooms programme

The lesson was monitored by the students themselves

Throughout the lesson, the typical features and flavours of the Vietnamese Traditional New Year were visually and vividly reproduced and introduced to foreign friends from the cherry blossom country by VAS students: from the spring colours of the peach and apricot branches, the red colour of the envelope with lots of luck in the coming year or a plump tray of five fruits, a tray of sweets and jams, to the moment when the teachers and students meticulously wrapped Banh Chung, Banh Tet together and also the image of caligraphy masters giving messages wishing good blessings to everyone on the occasion of the spring festival.

Students reproduced the features of the traditional Vietnamese New Year visually and vividly

To make the lesson more exciting, VASers also impressed international friends with traditional performances through Vietnamese traditional costumes such as ao ba ba and ao dai.

Excellent performances in traditional costumes

The lesson became even more interesting when the Asian international students from Japan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Indonesia at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University also expressed their excitement when introducing Tet and traditional activities in their home countries. The sharing really helped furnish VASers with many useful knowledge and experiences.

Teachers and students were listening to international friends introducing about cultural features in their home countries

Through this connecting lesson, VASers can not only express their views on preserving and promoting the country’s cultural values but also have chances to interact with other students in other countries and exchange cultures. This learning activity with high practicality and interaction helps students demonstrate their creativity, improve their English communication skills, and equip themselves essential qualities of a future global citizen.

The connecting Classrooms create more chances for VASers to accumulate their knowledge and experiences

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