VASers prepared lovely appreciation gifts on the occasion of International Women’s Day 8/3


International Women’s Day is an opportunity to express our love and gratitude towards the women in our lives. For VASers, mothers and teachers are wonderful women who always take care of, cherish and accompany them in their learning and daily life.

Please take a look at the photo report below to know how VAS students prepared their appreciation gifts for their mothers and teachers on 8 March, International Women’s Day!

Kindergarten VASers and Primary schoolboys at Riverside campus were very excited about the flower arrangement contest. They managed to arrange beautiful flower baskets with ingenuity and creativity and confidently introduced their final products using English and Vietnamese in their presentations.

In addition to the meticulously wrapped beautiful bouquets, kindergarten VASers of the Ba Thang Hai campus also decorated the gift cards and wrote wishes carefully.

At Hoang Van Thu campus, deliberately crafted colorful bracelets or loving cards are the sweetest and most meaningful gifts that Primary and Secondary VASers gave to their mothers and teachers on 8/3.

The Kindergarten teachers and students at Sala campus enjoyed the festive atmosphere together through activities such as flower arranging, painting, paper flower making, gravel decorating and especially making wall newspapers in which students expressed their feelings to their special and beloved women.

For VASers, love and gratitude are not only shown by lovely gifts on 8/3 but also expressed through the smallest daily cute gestures and words. VAS hopes that parents, students and teachers have created unforgettable memories on International Women’s Day.

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