VAS community projects 2019: 30 projects from compassionate hearts


The 2019 VAS COMMUNITY PROJECT received many positive responses from VAS students with nearly 30 participating projects just one month after launching. Through these projects, VAS students showed their deep interest in the community. Their ideas focused on fundraising activities such as supporting SOS children's villages and teaching language to children with cancer with an aim to support the disadvantaged. Other activities improved the quality of life for the community such as building bridges, creating playgrounds for children, manufacturing and giving solar lamps to ethnic minorities in remote areas. In addition, VAS students pay special attention to projects on green living, environmental protection, and prevention of school violence, improving mental health in adolescence.

The Organizing Committee will select the 18 best projects from these 30 submissions for the final round taking place from November 5 to November 15, 2019. Within the final round, the young community activists will present their ideas and persuade the jury to fund their projects. The selection of projects is based on 5 main criteria: creativity, feasibility, human meaning, ability to influence the community, and creative communication strategy. The judges will select the 3 best projects to be awarded and funded with a total value of up to 100 million VND.

Let's join VAS and look forward to the final round and cheer for these breakthrough ideas from the young community activists.

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