The community programe 2020 – 2021 officially starts, and is open to receive applications


After four years of implementation, the VAS Community Project has become a meaningful annual activity. A large amount of VAS students, with nearly 200 participating projects, has responded to this project over the last four seasons.

Coming back for this new school year 2020 - 2021, the Community Project has officially started, and is open to receive participating projects since September 8, 2020. The programme is an effective playground to help students raise their concerns for the community, increasing their social responsibility. Developing the theme "Sustainable development" for this school year from the previous year's theme, The Organisation Committee is looking forward to receiving practical ideas and solutions from students.

The three funded projects of VAS Community Project 2019 - 2020 have been implementing meaningful activities and achieved encouraging results:

  1. Group HP91 - Give Wings To Your Dreams has donated and awarded scholarships, learning tools, and books, worth 110 million VND, to poor students in Buon Don, Dak Lak province.
  2. The Green Reading Corner Group has donated more than 1,000 books, 600 kg of rice, and lots of clothes to disadvantaged students in Binh Thanh District, HCMC. 
  3. The Light Up Your Knowledge Group has produced and given hundreds of solar lamps and planted 1,185 trees in the provinces of Son La, Dak Lak, and An Giang.

Coming to VAS Community Project 2020 - 2021, let's look forward to and cheer up for breakthrough and humanistic ideas from the young community activists!

The timeline for this year's programme will be as follows:

  • Sep. 08th – Oct. 20th, 2020: Project leaders create accounts and submit projects at
  • Oct. 21st – Oct. 26th, 2020: Campus Elimination Round - Representatives of each campus select up to 03 projects to represent their campus to participate in the Final Round.
  • Nov 2nd – Nov 13th, 2020: Final Round – Groups present their projects to Organizer & Council.
  • *Exact date for the Final Round will be announced in advance.
  • Nov 13th, 2020 – April 08th, 2021: Funding and project implementation.

Detailed information, Term and Conditions at: Download here

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