VAS Community Programme 2020: Empower the passion of sharing and nurture kindness for future generations


At the final round of VAS Community Programme 2020 on November 10, 2020, the young community activists of VAS made a positive impression on the jury with their creative yet practical projects as well as their presentation skills,  critical thinking and with a wide range of scientific research and survey applications.

Young community activists present their project with enthusiasm

Participating in fundraising at the final round, 18 projects aim to solve multiple problems to support the community inside and outside VAS, such as: improvement of the quality of community life, narrowing of the education gap, environmental conservation and sustainable development, prevention of sexual abuse, protection of school-age psychological health...

Receiving comments from the jury, at the same time clarifying and defending the idea

Through a thorough evaluation of 18 projects, the Organizing Committee has decided to fund the following nine projects for further implementation:

  1. First prize: "Swapzz - Come and Exchange" - Ba Thang Hai Campus - funded 40 million dong.

The project offers a simple yet effective approach in balancing two elements: "Development" and "Sustainability". Swapzz encourages VAS students to bring their unused stuffs but are still in very good condition such as phone cases, clothes... to exchange or sell at the market. Through these markets, with the slogan "When you get bored, pass it back", Swapzz is a great place for young people to buy new things at an affordable price while not wasting their unused stuffs, thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment.

  1. Two Second Prizes: “School-age Children’s Depression” and “Voice Out” – Sunrise campus - funded 40 million VND for 2 projects.

Both projects address psychophysiological issues in the school environment to encourage students to speak up when they face with psychological difficulties or signs of sexual abuse, and the project will also provide support when students need.

  1. Third Prize: “Lightening The Knowledge” – Hoang Van Thu Campus - funded 20 million dong

"Lightening the Knowledge" is the only project that has been continuous in the top 3 of the VAS Community Programme for 3 consecutive years (2018: First Prize, 2019: Second Prize, and 2020: Third Prize). Coming to VAS Community Programme 2020, the project continues its fundraising programme to produce and give solar lamps to students in low-lying areas that are not connected to the national electricity grid. The project also expands its activities to collecting and giving away used books to students in remote areas.

  1. Projects won consolation prizes, each project was funded with 3 million VND:

3.1 HP91 – Realize The Dream– Sala Mega Campus

3.2 VASers and studious children in difficult circumstances – Riverside Mega Campus

3.3 The Aisle Of Dreams – Garden Hills Mega Campus

3.4 Prevention of Children Sex Abuse – Garden Hills Mega Campus

3.5 Being Attentive and Sympathetic Listeners of The Elderly – Ba Thang Hai Campus

Victory of compassion and practical actions

From the first season since 2016 up to now, the VAS Community Programme has received 202 participating projects from students of 7 campuses and funded 25 projects with the value up to 530 million VND. At the final round of VASERS for Community 2020, students showed their growth in mindsets and skills such as:

creative and critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, presentation, and persuasion skills.

In addition to funding the best projects, the jury gave feedback, encouraged and motivated the young community activists to confidently implement their projects, live with their passion for sharing with the other unlucky, and at the same time improving the quality of the community.

Moreover, the programme is an opportunity for VASers to nurture compassion, kindness, and to develop the core qualities that help them become kind and responsible citizens respected by society and community.

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