VAS's Got Talent 2020 and the exciting competition of nearly 130 performances in the Elimination Round


On November 11 and 12, 2020, the stage of VAS's Got Talent 2020 elimination round exploded with nearly 130 performances by students from all grades in the whole VAS system. Among of the contestants, there were 90 performances competed in the genres of singing, rapping, beat-boxing, and playing musical instruments and 39 performances of dancing, drama, playing drums...

VAS's Got Talent is an annual playground where artistic talents have chances to shine

Accompanying the two competing days were the well-known Judges and Coaches, Musician - music producer Duong Khac Linh, Choreographer - Dancer Lam Vinh Hai and representatives from the VAS Organizing Board, who had decided the best performances and given some professional advice for those who were selected for the Final round.

On the first day of the elimination round, the contestants showed their talent in singing and performing various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, violin, ukulele...

After 2 days of the elimination round, the Judges finally found 34 impressive performances from the most talented contestants who will continue to enter the Finals on January 9, 2021. They are the most qualified performances chosen by Judges not only by their exceptional talents in singing, dancing, skills in playing instruments... but also by their investment in performance setup and costumes.

The Judges and the audience couldn't help but admire and enjoy the dance performances from the little dancers.

Exciting dance performances are "specialties" that are indispensable at VAS's Got Talent's annual stage

On December 1 and 2, 2020, the contestants who are selected for the Finals will meet the Coaches to listen to their assessments, suggestions, and professional instructions to make their performances even better.

Please cheer up the contestants and look forward to their transformation in the upcoming Finals!

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