VAS'S Got Talent 2023 - Coaching days with the experts before the final round


The contestants and coaches of this year's VAS'S GOT TALENT have had a lot of emotions during 3 training sessions that took place on February 8-10 at VAS Sala campus.

Every year, VAS'S GOT TALENT always brings new and passionate performances from young talents. Along with that, the enthusiastic and experienced guidance of the coaches before the final day, greatly contributed to creating special performances on stage.

“During the coaching session this year, I saw really well-organised performances. Since some performances have already been prepared for costumes, props, everything is almost done. Only the light and sound setups is missing. And about that work, it really surprised me quite a bit!" - Choreographer, dancer Lam Vinh Hai shared.

"If I had to use 3 words to describe the VAS'S GOT TALENT this year, I would like to say: inspiring, monumental and nurturing passion!" - Musician Duong Khac Linh shared.

Hopefully the recommendation of the 2 coaches will help VASers to complete their performances and give their best work in the final round.

On the upcoming February 25, the final round of VAS'S GOT TALENT competition will take at 15:30 at Sala campus with lively competition between talented participants. Besides the two familiar judges Choreographer – dancer Lam Vinh Hai and Composer – music producer Duong Khac Linh, this finale also welcomes 2 special judges: Singer Ung Hoang Phuc and singer Sara Luu.

Come cheer and see the stars shine on stage at VAS Sala Campus on February 25th!