Back to the Great Central Highlands – The trip tightens the friendship and widens the visions of VASers grades 8-9


How fortunate it is that we can still enjoy the fresh air,  dynamic outdoor activities and explore the unique cultural spaces right in our homeland these days. The joyful and exciting photos of more than 1,000 VASers grades 8-9 at the 3-day- 2-night team-building camp in Da Lat revealed those great moments.

Although this is not the first time VAS high school students have taken a trip together, they always expect to experience the same excitement as the first one when they go on each new journey.

The students have gained fascinating experiences when they stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights:

Explore and harmonize in the space of gongs culture of Vietnam Central Highlands people

Learn about the craft of weaving, the production of distinctive floral tea and coffee in Da Lat at the workshop “In The Forest”.

Participate in the challenges of intelligence, dexterity and unity throughout the team-building program “Generation Z” in the pine forest.

Explode and condense feelings with the outstanding entertainment show staged and performed by VASers

Enjoy the street food at Da Lat night market and the cool vibe of the romantic Tuyen Lam lake

Then suddenly, the students realized:

The further we go, the more we know.

The more we experience, the more we discover.

The more we try, the more we understand.

The more we do together, the more we know each other.

The more different emotions we feel, the more we grow up.

The journey has ended but the emotions and memories created with friends will remain forever in the hearts of VAS young students. See you next trips!

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